Insulation wool rolls


  • Combined fire, thermal and sound isolation;
  • They are materials with high temperature resistance which have been tests with fire and where temperature exceeded 1350°C;
  • They are stable materials which don’t loose their quality in time;
  • Without or with very little reaction to fire or flames;
  • Fastest and cleanest installation, materials save space and don’t way much.

Material usage areas

  • Refractory doors;
  • Industrially made pipeline systems;
  • Industrially made construction connector, industrial boilers and fireboxes;
  • Panel systems meant for protection against construction fires in ship cabins, vehicle floors in commercial and militairy ships and living areas on maritime platforms.




Superwool 607B cotton wool available in rolls is made from long Superwool 607 fibers and is offered in various width and density ranges. Possess great heat isolation properties in elevated temperature environments. This material possess thermal-stability and it sustains it’s fluffy and fibrous structure up until the classified temperature. Sewed through from both sides and it doesn’t loose it’s elasticity neither before or after heating. It doesn’t contain binding substances and greases as well as it doesn’t make smoke and doesn’t excrete smell while being burned the first time. Flexible, easy to cut, complies to creating a shap and is easy to install. Perfectly suited in manufacturing where temperature up to 1100°C are used.



  • Great heat isolation properties
  • Without binding substances and greases (lubricants)
  • Thermo-stable
  • Low heat capacity
  • Fracture resistant
  • Elastic
  • Resistant against thermal-impacts
  • Good sound isolating material
  • Doesn’t contain carcinogens, classified according to memorandum Q directive 97/69 EC
  • Not hazardous, unlimited in usage




FireMaster 607 ALU 40 material available in rolls is elastic and it is based on FireMaster 607 material with an aluminium layer which serves as a barrier, protecting it prof steam. This material is effective in fire safety at standard hydrocarbon fires and fire flows. FireMaser ALU 40 Blanket possesses the same properties (easy to use, refractory) as FireMaster Blanket materials do but it also containts the integral steam barrier. The aluminum layer is glued to the material with mineral glue sustaining the materials refractory properties. ALU 40 Blanket can be made from standard or waterproof FireMaster Blanket type of material.



  • High-speed ship deck isolation and protection
  • Improoved fire safety in precast panels which correspond to IMO room corner test requirements
  • Technological flue and ship protection from hydrocarbon fires as well as from fire flow
  • Refractory door and mount panel fill
  • Constructive connections
  • Refractory flues and cable wires;


Main characteristics

Color: white, aluminum layer on another surface Linear shrinkage (24 h at 1000°C) <1% Loss of mass while heating (5h at 1000°C) < 0,1% Aluminum properties: it is 40 microns thick with sodium silicate glue Aluminum layer doesn’t tend to peal Not harmful to health.


Heat isolating properties

Room temperature isolation and moisture is the next maximal variable in thermal resistance (variable R) can be used to calculate the total heat conductivity (variable U)  

Thickness of a roll Variable R(m.K/V)
25 mm 0,73
38 mm 1,11
50 mm 1,46
75 mm 2,19
100 mm< 2,92



The heat conductivity of a material with density 96 kg/m3 measured at 20°C according to BS 874 draw up 0,0342 V/mK.




Superwool 607 HT Blanket available in rolls is being produced from long Superwool 607 fibers. This material possesses great heat isolation properties at high temperature. It it thermo-stable and sustains it’s fluffy, fibrous structure even up to the maximal continuous temperature. The material doesn’t contain binding substances or greases and doesn’t release smells and smoke at first time burning. Flexible, easy to cut, complies to creating a shape and is easy to install.



  • Great heat isolation properties
  • Without binding substances and greases (lubricants)
  • Thermo-stable
  • Low heat capacity
  • Elastic
  • Resistant against thermal-impacts
  • Doesn’t contain carcinogens, classified according to memorandum Q directive 97/69 EC




All three types of fibrous rolls possess the same great chemical stability that their raw materials do: Cerablanket, Cerachem Blanket, Cerachrome Blanket plates. They sustain their properties before and after installation. They possess high thermo-isolation and acoustics properties. The wide range of manufacturers, plate densities and thickness enable their usage in various fields with maximum efficiency.


Classified temperature

  • Cerablanket: 1260°C
  • Cerachem Blanket: 1425°
  • Cerachrome Blanket: 1425°C



  • Great isolation capabilities.
  • The material is resistant to chemical influence except hydrogen fluoride and phosphorus acids and concentrated alkali.
  • Great thermal stability: fibers possess high re-crystallization resitance.
  • In some cases the usage of Cerachrome Blanket material is possible at temperatures that exceed it’s classification (5% fall at 1500°C)
  • Low heat accumulation
  • Long staple fibers which have been processed with sewing-through needle form elastic and durable plates which are capable to resist bursting before as well as after installation.
  • Resistance against temperature changes (thermal-impounds)
  • Good sound isolation.



  • Industrial drying and roasting furnace lining.
  • Boiler heat isolation.
  • Temperature control at heat treatment.
  • Velves izolācija stikla kausēšanas krāsnīm.
  • Furnace door seal
  • Chimney liners.
  • Chimney network isolation.
  • Heat barrier in car menufacturing.
  • Welding joint isolation for preventing voltage.
  • High temperature filtering environment.
  • Isolation in nuclear plants.
  • Isolation for gas and steam turbines.


Wool with maximum temperature up to 1600°C is also available on order!


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