Anchors and anchor system

Brick linings

Series B
Several systems are available to retain brick linings; each model is custom made depending on the design and the application. Due to the relatively high temperatures at which these bricks are applied, care must be taken in the selection of the correct alloy. Our staple anchors (B-01 group of anchors) offer great retention of insulating bricks. For denser bricks, heavier staples can also be supplied. To hold refractory anchor bricks in specific positions from a wall or a ceiling our Scissor clips or Brick Claws can be used. Tie back refractory anchors are great for holding back brick anchors in side wall applications. We also create tailor-made consoles for many different applications.

Concrete linings

Series C
We supply various anchoring systems for single component linings. All models can be corrugated or specially formed for superior holding power. We can produce the anchors to suit stud welding techniques, hand welding techniques, or the mechanical bolt-on technique of fastening to the vessel.
SpeedCell® is an easily applicable single-cell system with extremely high resistance to thermal shock used for wear resistant linings in the petrochemical industry. Locked together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, they prevent any catalyst from creating a crevice between the metal and the concrete. The steel casing is thereby fully protected from damage. Moreover, with the possibility to apply a ceramic paper backing layer, no cokes can be formed between the casing and the refractory material, commonly encountered in hex metal. Technical documentation and brochures on all our hex metal alternatives are available.
The SpeedBolt® was made specifically for the use in heavy refractory linings commonly found in cement industry installations. It is a solution to the vast amounts of hours that usually go into installation and repair work of anchoring systems on cyclones, rotary kilns, klinker coolers, calciners and more.

Dual linings

Series D
The increasing emphasis on energy conservation and higher operating temperatures have resulted in many refractory concrete linings, employing multi-component configurations like high-density hot face linings backed by lower density heat conserving materials. We have various refractory anchoring systems available for this.

Ceramic Fiber Linings

Series F
One of the fastest growing materials for heat conservation is ceramic fiber in blanket, modules, and board form. These high temperature fibers provide fuel savings, operating flexibility and thermal shock resistance in periodic and tunnel kilns, heating, annealing furnaces, and petrochemical process furnaces.
We offer several systems suitable for anchoring ceramic fiber over a range of temperatures. All the ceramic parts provided by us are made with either 60% or 99% Alumina (Al2O3) which provides the greatest strength at the applied temperatures.

Metallic Fibers

Me-Mix - C-Mix
Metallic fibers serve to reinforce the refractory concretes and aid in the prevention of cracking and spalling of the refractory material when exposed to thermal shock.
SILICON offers a straight Melt Extracted (ME-Mix) version and a technically improved design in a corrugated fiber (C-Mix) which does not form a ‘ball’ during gunning or mixing. This fiber has been tested to be the easiest fiber to disperse within the concrete.




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