Alcast Extra HS is a 2400°F (~1315°C) product with high hot strengths. It’s chemistry, densely packed structure, and low permeability produce optimum resistance to severe hot abrasion, mechanical impact, and slag/metal contact. A proprietary additive particularly inhibits the penetration of molten aluminum and its alloys. All of these factors combine to make Alcast Extra HS an ideal product for aluminum holding or reverb furnaces at or below the melt line.

Albond is a high temperature monolithic product with excellent strengths throughout the temperature range. It is designed to run at high temperatures when holding furnaces are drained and higher temperatures are seen by the areas below the melt line.



  • Provide 2 to 3 times greater strengths than standard monolithics with similar densities
  • Superb resistances to abrasion or mechanical impact
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent resistance to molten metal
  • Excellent resistance to corundum formation
  • Stronger bond formed when heated
  • Porosity rivals that of dense firebrick


Instructions For Using

Highest strength is obtained with castable refractory by using the least amount of clean mixing water that will allow thorough working of material into place by vibrating. A mechanical mixer is required for proper placement (paddle type mortar mixers are best suited). After adding the recommended water to the mixer for 6 minutes, place the material within 20 minutes after mixing.

For maximum strength cure 24 hours in a damp condition before initial heat-up. New monolithic installation must be heated slowly the first time.

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