Materials for fireplaces

Isolating (IKT) and accumulator (AKT) moulded bricks

Enclosures of inserts within hot air fireplaces can be built from our IKT isolation moulded bricks manufactured of the lightweight refractory concrete able to resists high temperatures exceeding even 1000°C.

The volume weight of the shapes gives them not only optimum thermal insulation but they can be also easily handled during transport and works due to their low weight. In spite of their high strength, ther are characterised by easy machining. Construction of heat accumulator stoves with gradual exhalation of heat can make use of the AKT accumulator moulded bricks manufactured of dense refractory concrete type with the volume density of approx. 2200 kg/m³.

The range of shapes high 30 cm and thick 4 cm includes besides common slabs long 60 and 100 cm also corners and arches of various radii. Due to these properties and shape variability, the method of working is not only easier but also faster in comparison with classical materials. Furthermore, the shapes are wholesome.

The shapes can be joined with the bonding mortars KAMMAL or thin layer bonding mastics ŽÁROTMEL ALU-125 and ŽÁROTMEL UNI-126. For their surface finish, the KAMMAL mortars and plasters or ceramic tiling are most recommended.



  Height (mm) Dimension (mm)
IKT, AKT 60 300 600
IKT, AKT 100 1000




  Height (mm) Angle
IKT, AKT 831 300 300
IKT, AKT 832 400
IKT, AKT 833 450
IKT, AKT 834 500
IKT, AKT 835 550




  Height (mm) Angle
IKT, AKT 836 300 135°







  Height (,mm) Angle
IKT, AKT 837 300 90°






  Height (mm) Radius (mm)
IKT, AKT 838 30 70
IKT, AKT 839 100


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