Blakite adhesive


Thermal Ceramics’ refractory mortars are normally supplied as ready-to-use wet blends of finely-ground aggregates and special binders. They develop good strength on air drying, forming strong joints and conferring an almost monolithic structure to the brickwork.


Classification temperatures

JM 2600 1430°C
Blakite™ 1650°C
Blakite V 1650°C
JM 3300 1760°C


Maximum continuous use temperature

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.


Available types

JM 2600: This is an air-setting cement developed for use in lowertemperature applications, where a high-strength bond is required. It is recommended for mortaring insulating firebricks for operating temperatures up to 1430°C and can be used for both trowelled and dipped joints.

Blakite: This is a highly refractory mortar, dark grey in colour, which has a high water-retention characteristic. It was specially developed for laying insulating firebricks but is also suitable for use with super-duty and high alumina dense refractory bricks, at operating temperatures up to 1650°C. It is supplied in a consistency suitable for shallow patching or trowelling but requires the addition of approximately 5% water for dipping. Blakite is a good choice as a single, general-purpose mortar on projects involving mainly insulating firebricks but also including some dense firebricks.

Blakite V: This is the standard product with a harder consistency to be used to glue special refractory shapes and steel plates.

JM 3300: A very highly refractory air-setting mortar suitable for laying JM 32 insulating firebricks, and high alumina dense refractory bricks and for operating temperatures up to 1760°C.


Features Applications
  • Good workability, ideal plasticity and water retention
  • Low drying and firing shrinkages
  • High refractoriness
  • High bonding strength
  • Good resistance to chemical attack
  • Stability of chemical components.
  • For laying insulating firebricks, super-duty and high alumina dense refractory bricks
  • Provide resistance to infiltration of air or hot gases
  • Hobby and laboratory kilns
  • Retard penetration of slag and molten metal into the joints


Main properties

    JM 2600 Blakite Blakite V JM 3300
  • Classification (ASTM C-199-84)
°C Medium duty Super duty Super duty Super duty
  • Temperature limit
1430 1650 1650 1760
Properties measured at ambient conditions (23°C/50% RH)
  • Density (as applied)
kg/m³ 1700 1900 1950 2000
  • Viscosity "for guidance" (Thermal Ceramics method Cylinder Penetration)
mm 30 24 10 25
  • Modulus of rupture (dried at 100°C)
MPa 12 20 21 28
High temperature performance*
  • Permanent linear change when dried
% -3 -2,4 -2,3 -2
  • Refractoriness (ASTM C-24-84)
PCE 23 33 33 34
Chemical composition
  • Al2O3
% 33,4 43,1 43,1 54,8
  • SiO2
% 60,7 51,7 51,7 40,6
  • Fe2O3
% 1,3 1,2 1,2 0,9
  • TiO2
% 1,2 1,0 1,0 0,6
  • CaO + MgO
% 0,3 0,2 0,2 0,2
  • K2O + Na2O
% 2,8 2,7 2,7 2,3
Quantity required and packaging
  • Quantity required to set 1000 bricks*
kg 180 200 n.a. 200

* Amount depends upon thickness of the joint and porosity of the brick. The figure given is for trowelled joint, approx 2mm thick.


JM 2600, Blakite, Blakite V and JM 3300 are delivered ready-to-use, in metal drums. Dry JM 2600 and dry Blakite are available on request (subject to special technical requirements).

Standart packaging JM 2600 Blackite Blackite V JM 3300
12 metal drums of 50kg on pallet  
40 metal drums of 20kg on pallet    


Usage manual!

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