Refractory Novobet concrete is severe or moderate concrete with low content of cement which is intended for load-bearing layers and heat resistance up to 1700°C.


Novobet concrete is good for:

  • producing monolithic linings;
  • refractory scaffolding;
  • refractory bases and floors;
  • refractory ceilings and lids;
  • refractory accumulative parts;
  • and other refractory details.


Novobet concrete has been created to:

  • withstand high temperature
  • withstand mechanic load;
  • provide accumulative effect.


Opportunity to purchase a variety of Novobet concrete types according to needs of usage:

  • with compaction method;
  • with vibration method;
  • with deflection method;
  • with shooting method;
  • with spraying method.


Novobet grade concrete is available depending on the needed technical use:

  • Aluminum additive (aluma);
  • Silica additive (Sic);
  • Zirconia additive (zircon);
  • Stainless steel scobs (FS);
  • etc.

Concrete usage manual!

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