Products in special alloys for high temperatures!

Thermalloys developes, manufactures and supplies products in high temperature materials for the furnace industry, e.g.:

  • Tubes in the FeCrAl, FeCrNi and NiCr alloys as well as in MoSi2 for use as:
    • Thermocouple protection tubes in furnaces with an aggressive atmosphere, at temperatures up to 1700 °C (3090 °F).
    • Tubes for hot gas sampling and analysis.
    • Tubes for gas injection.
    • Protection tubes for probes.
  • Heating elements from tubes or wire, including thermal design.
  • Radiant tubes in different high temperature materials, like Kanthal APM, Tp 310, 253MA, Alloy 600 och 601.
  • Muffle tubes in Kanthal APM, 253MA, Alloy 800HT, Alloy 600 och Alloy 601, with round or oval cross sections.
  • Muffle furnaces of varying design and in various materials.
  • Retorts and other process equipment.
  • Spark igniters and other components for gas burners

Minimizing life cycle cost!

For every application and product we supply, we will select those giving the lowest life cycle cost.

A large inventory means short delivery times!

We carry a large inventory in high temperature materials, especially tubular products in the FeCrAl and 253MA grades; This means that we can supply these products with very short delivery times, to any corner of the world.


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