Keramserviss Ltd. offers ECONOX oxygen probes for measurments of oxygen levels.

ECONOX provides a wide range of oxygen probes (including low cost oxygen probes) for any heat treatment systems (old or new), for potters, ceramic industry, universities or laboratories. Most of our oxygen probes are based on the ZRO2 ceramic oxygen sensors (most commonly used oxygen sensor).


  LT ZI pro ZS std HT CP DS
temeperature min. 10°C 600°C 600°C 600°C 600°C 600°C
temperature max. 600°C 1150°C 1150°C 1700°C 1700°C 1700°C
garums maks. 1000mm 1000mm 1200mm 1100mm 400mm 1100mm
thermocouple K -, S, K, N -, S, K, N R  - , R R
connection 2'' 1'' or 1''1/2 1'' 3/4''
4-pin electric connector
voltmeter included
needs reference air yes yes yes yes no no
continuous operation* yes yes yes yes no no
potters/ceramic industry        
industrial furnaces        
ZRO2 ball sensor          
ZRO2 tube sensor  

*Continuous operation requires a probe with reference air plug

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