WATLOW thermocouples

Thermocouples are classified by calibration type because they have varying electromotive force (EMF) versus temperature curves. Some generate considerably more voltage at lower temperatures, while others do not begin to develop a significant voltage until subjected to high temperatures. Also, calibration types are designed to deliver as close to a straight line voltage curve inside their temperature application range as possible. This makes it easier for an instrument or temperature controller to correctly correlate the received voltage to a particular temperature. Additionally, thermocouple calibration types have different levels of compatibility with different atmospheres. Chemical reaction between certain thermocouple alloys and the application atmosphere could cause metallurgy degradation, making another calibration type more suitable for sensor life and accuracy requirements.


  Product Description Temperature
General Applications Tube and Wire Feature SERV-RITE® wire in a variety of insulation types with a metal sheath over the thermocouple. Wide variety of mounting options for use in general industrial and commercial applications. Up to 460°C
Mineral Insulated Fast responding, durable and capable of handling high temperatures with the use of XACTPAK® meta sheathed cable with compacted MgO insulation. Up to 1200°C
EXACTSENSE™ Exhaust gas temperature sensor that combines rugged thermocouple technology with signal conditioning into one package. The primary benefits are high accuracy, durability, quick response, long immersion depth and high temperature. -40 to 1200°C
Base Metal Large gauge, bare alloy available with ceramic insulated elements and protection tubes. Available in ASTM E230 Types K and J. Up to 1260°C
High Temperature Available in ASTM E230 Types S or R with a variety of high temperature sheath materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. Up to 1700°C
MICROCOIL™ Miniature thermocouple provides surface temperature measurement. Up to 700°C
Radio Frequency Thermocouple designed for use in plasma generation applications. Up to 500°C
True Surface Flat surface temperature sensor that isolates the thermocouple from ambient airflow. Up to 200°C
Multipoints Accurately measures temperatures at various locations. Constructed with a variety of protection tubes with XACTPAK mineral insulated metal sheathed cable. Up to 1200°C


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