Non-standart heating equipment and designing


Hot vacuum press for furniture element finishing


Short description

This finishing press is designed for hot finishing of ware with PVC membrane.

  • Low cost, easy-to-use and power saving,
  • Short pressing cycle,
  • Operable manually or in a semi-automatic mode,
  • The temperature and time control system allows a precise control of all technological process parameters,
  • Exchangeable membranes for processing with veneeer, PVC membrane and glue folded facade production (max. H up to 140mm),
  • More than 80 of these units have been made and are used.

We offer PVC membrane for product coating. Atleast 15 colored membranes always available at storage.


Technical specification

  Model 2500 Model 1500
Heater power 18 kW 13,5 kW
Power consumption at working temperature 10 kW/h 7 kW/h
Vacuum units power consumption 1,5 1,5
Work desk useful area 2400 x 1180 mm 1220 x 1180 mm
Pressing pressure 9600 kg/m² 9000 kg/m²
Dimensions of the press at work 5400 x 1950 x 1220 mm 2975 x 1590 x 1220 mm


Generator testing unit GT-36

Designed for autonomous diesel and gasoline generator load tests.

GT-36 model is intended for loads 12, 24 and 36 kW. Grades can be switched separately. High power fan proves great resistance cooling.

This device can also be used as a high load heater.


Bitumen kettle


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