KERAMSERVISS Ltd. is an industrial service company with 18 year experience.

The company specialises in solutions and manufacturing of the heat treatment equipments and products that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in a variety of high temperature processing applications.


Heat treatment furnaces and equipment - new and used. 

  • Manufacture of heat treatment and firing furnaces for different applications – drying, metal heat treatment and melting, ceramic firing, glass fusing and other heat treatment processes;
  • Modernisation, renovation and service of heat treatment equipment;
  • Manufacture and supply of spare parts - wire heating elements and thermocouples;
  • Electric and gas industrial kilns and furnaces – shuttle, tunnel kilns, elevator and top hats.

Insulation refractory materials up to  1800oC

  • The Thermal Ceramics® refractory insulating materials – SuperWool® and refractory ceramic fiber – 1100°C, 1260°C, 1300°C, 1425°C;
  • Blanket, bulk, pyro-bloc modules, boards, vacuum formed, paper, felt, textiles, vermiculite;
  • Refractory concretes, castables, ramming mixes, mortars, coatings;
  • Refractory insulating bricks, pre-formed castable shapes.


Universal measurement and automation systems

  • Manufacture of main control boxes;
  • Automatic devices for measurement, converting, regulation and registration, transmission and visualisation of various industrial process;
  • Controllers, digital meters, recorders and other;
  • Solid state relays SSR, magnetic sensors, special relays and switches.

Czaki termopāri

Heating elements

  •  Heating wires and heating cables;
  •  Drum, nozzle, cartridge, band, ceramic, infrared and other heaters;
  •  Flexible silicone, mica insulated strip heaters;
  •  Thermocouples and accessories.




Heat protection clothing and fabric 600 - 1300oC

  • Gloves, jackets, trousers, coats, hoods, protection facial masks.


Heat resistant anchors and anchor system

  • Anchors for brick, concrete and wool liners;
  • Anchors for non-standard solutions;
  • Consultations anchor system installation.

Technical ceramic

  • Ceramic tubes, insulators, beads;



  • Crucibles and accessories for melting and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Industrial boiler refractory installation service and consumables

  • Industrial boiler inspection visits, recommendations for refractory repairing materials;
  • Refractory material installation and repair – casting, gunning, brick laying, insulation and metal works;
  • Mixers and gunning machines for spraying of concrete and refractory mixtures;
  • Manufacture of refractory pre-formed shapes and monolithic;
  • Cutting of ceramic fiber and paper gaskets;
  • Temperature monitoring – temperature control according to schedule, calibration.



Materials for fireplaces, ovens



Materials for ceramic artists, ceramic classes, art school and manufacturers

  • Ceramic clay and other bodies;
  • Ceramic glazes, painting colors;
  • Tools, banding wheels and other support tools and materials;
  • Ceramic workshop equipment (pottery wheels, kilns and more);
  • Glass materials 96' System.



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